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Asia Journal of Public Health : Volume 5 No. 0, December 2014. 1-8
doi: Vol.5

Factors Influencing the Preparedness of Family for Taking Long-Term Care of the Elderly

Bulan Phusudsoong* Sutham Nanthamongkolchai* Chokchai Munsawaengsub* Pimsurang Taechaboonsermsak* Supachai Pitikultang*

ABSTRACT: Objective: To study the preparedness of families for long-term care of the elderly in Muang District, Loei Province, Thailand. Material and Method: Cross-sectional survey research was conducted among 205 adult primary caregivers of 60-79 year old family members in four sub-districts using Stratified Random Sampling. The data were collected through questionnaires between April 4th and April 24th, 2012 and analyzed/represented as frequencies, percentages and multiple logistic regressions. Results: 46.8 % of families were prepared for long-term care of their elderly family members and 53.2% were not. Factors influencing the preparedness of families for long-term care of the elderly were attitudes towards preparedness for care of the elderly, access to information about looking after the elderly of the family, caregiver knowledge in preparedness for care of the elderly and getting support of the family. The primary caregiver who had a positive attitude in preparation for caring for elderly had 11.1 times better preparation than those who had a negative attitude. Those families receiving more information about caring for the elderly had 49.9 times better preparation than those receiving less information. The primary caregivers who had high knowledge of their role in preparation for caring for the elderly were 61.4% better prepared and those families who had support from relatives were 44.8% better prepared. Conclusion: To promote the preparation for long-term care of the elderly, responsible organizations should establish activities that provide information for the care of the elderly for families, promote positive caregiver attitudes and strengthen families and relatives to prepare for long-term care of elderly family members.
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*Department of Family Health, Faculty of Public Health, Mahidol University,
Bangkok, Thailand

Corresponding author, E-mail:
Accepted 6 October 2014