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Asia Journal of Public Health : Volume 6 No. 1, June 2015. 25-32
doi: Vol.6 No.1

Factors Influencing Job Happiness among Village Health Volunteers (VHVs) in Samutprakarn Province, Thailand

Kanittha Chamroonsawasdi* Salih Ahmed Hamedalsseed** Suwat Srisorrachatr***

ABSTRACT: Objective: Cross-sectional survey research aimed at identifying factors influencing job happiness among village health volunteers (VHVs) in Samutprakarn province, Thailand. Materials and methods: A sample group of 414 VHVs who had continuously worked for at least 1 year. Two stage sampling was used to select the sample. Data were collected between 21st June - 9th July, 2010 and were represented/ analyzed by frequency, percentage, mean, standard deviation, Pearson´s product moment correlation and Stepwise multiple regression analysis. Results: The results showed that half of volunteers (48.8%) had a high level of overall job happiness while the rest (51.3%) had a moderate level. Factors significantly influencing job happiness (p<0.05) were interpersonal relationships, achievement, working conditions and advancement. These factors were predictive of 40.6% of job happiness among respondents. Conclusion: Findings suggest that health organizations should clarify and adjust the working process with close supervision and good interpersonal relationships between VHVs and other health personnel. Regular training programs or other in-kind fringe benefits should be promoted. Knowledge management of VHVs´work achievements with appropriate rewards should be given to outstanding VHVs every year and working conditions should be improved.
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*Department of Family Health, Faculty of Public Health, Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand
** Ministry of Health Khartoum State, Omdurman, Sudan
***Department of Nutrition, Faculty of Public Health, Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand

Corresponding author, E-mail:
Accepted 14 May 2015